German newspaper Bild have a feature on Monday looking at various transfer rumours and the possibility of them actually happening. Bild dismiss most of the claims as absolute nonsense, but there’s one which stands out for them as pretty much a certainty.

Ragnar Klavan to Liverpool has a 99% chance of actually being completed, explain the German newspaper. They state that Jurgen Klopp, or ‘Kloppo’ as Bild call him, will secure a deal for Augsburg’s Klavan after Merseyside rivals Everton failed last year.

Bild claim Everton tried to sign the player, but Klavan instead insisted on staying where he was, because he wanted to play in Europe with Augsburg, after their great Bundesliga season. Things are very different now, and a quick move expected.

Klavan is 30 years of age, left footed, and can play as a central defender or left back, adding a very good squad option for Klopp and Liverpool.