Over the past week or so, we’ve covered repeatedly how German newspaper Bild were sending over the top criticism to Nabil Bentaleb.

The Tottenham Hotspur loan player was one of several receiving criticism during Schalke’s awful start to the season, which saw five straight defeats. It was over the top and unfair, which will probably have some impact on Bentaleb’s answers to SportBild magazine (different editorial team to Bild) this week.

Schalke won their last match 4-0 against Borussia Monchengladbach, and the cloud has lifted. When speaking to SportBild, Bentaleb was asked, with Tottenham second in the Premier League and Schalke third from bottom, if he regretted the loan already.

Bentaleb could hardly say yes, and probably gave the only answer he could, although it may not please some Spurs fans: “Even if Tottenham were leading I would not regret my move. At Schalke they believe in me. I’ve decided, and nothing changes just because we lost a few games.”

SportBild asked Bentaleb if he knows what the word ‘malochen’ means yet. After explaining that his German teacher hasn’t yet covered that one, Bentaleb was told it means to work hard, and was asked if Schalke’s players have been working hard enough: “We work hard enough! In the game and in training. However, we have unfortunately made mistakes that we must correct.

“But we fight, and I think that’s the reason the fans are behind us. I know it’s not so in England. When you lose there, you’re not supported in the stadium.”

If Schalke’s 4-0 wasn’t a sign of things to come, and the club go back to losing, then Bentaleb and co will soon feel the wrath of the fans. And, again, it has to be noted he’s probably trying to win Schalke fans over.