The way Barcelona is at the moment it seems the club is only ever hours away from the next drama, as players and the board have ongoing battles.

Things had looked a little brighter earlier today, as it was reported Gerrard Pique had been fully compliant with Barca’s desire to lower their wage bill. After renewals were announced this week, Sport reported the defender had agreed to a huge 50% pay-cut.

He wasn’t the only player prepared to accept less from the troubled Catalan side, with Sport saying Clement Lenglet, Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Frenkie de Jong had all agreed to accept 30% less when finalising their new deals.

That made it sound like peace had broken out at the Camp Nou and there could be a period of calm, but it hasn’t lasted for long. In communication with Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the captains of the club have said: ‘We are not going to tolerate Barca infringing our rights.’

‘Manoeuvres by the leaders’ at Barcelona have been criticised, and the attitude with which players are being treated is described as ’embarrassing’.

The letter to El Mundo further states: ‘The staff is united and is aware of the situation caused by the pandemic. We have already made an effort to help, but we will not tolerate that it serves as a pretext to abuse our rights.’

And this all comes just days before the big match against Real Madrid.