Even though Philippe Coutinho is in very advanced talks to join Vasco da Gama, it’s now said that Aston Villa are putting some obstacles in front of that move.

Brazilian outlet Trivela writes that the Rio de Janeiro side already have an agreement for the player and the contract is ready for him to sign.

The problem is that Aston Villa have been ‘creating some resistance’ over rescinding the player’s contract, especially because of the big amount invested on his arrival.

The outlet writes that there’s ‘confidence’ from Vasco and Coutinho that the release will happen, but they’re still waiting for it.

The report is interesting because Aston Villa had apparently given the green light for the operation, otherwise the Brazilian club wouldn’t have sorted out a contract to sign him as a free agent.

Perhaps the Premier League side have some specific reason for this new hesitance, such as some other offer from a club who actually want to pay for Coutinho’s arrival.

Earlier, it had been claimed that Botafogo wanted to buy him, but the midfielder himself wants Vasco, who have no money.

Recently, there were reports that Aston Villa could even look to invest in Vasco and perhaps talks around that haven’t gone well, seeing the English club feel less generous as a result.