Following his much anticipated contract extension with Arsenal, Mesut Ozil has reportedly told his mother he’ll play for Turkish club Fenerbahce one day.

The Germany international was on the edge of an Arsenal exit, with his contract running out, but last week he extended with the Premier League side.

Ozil, who is of Turkish origin, but born and raised in Germany, has reportedly told his mother Gülizar Özil he wants to play for the Istanbul club as paraphrased by Sporx: “I promise mother, I’ll play at Fenerbahçe at one stage of my career as I’ve told you before.”

Ozil has reportedly been a huge fan of Fenerbahce since his childhood, and he’s followed them very closely in the Turkish media. The Arsenal star also has a Turkish girlfriend and frequently visits her in Istanbul.

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However, despite his desire to play for the Turkish giants one day it seems this will be in the latter stages of his career, after committing himself to Arsenal.

Ozil recently signed a three and half year deal with Arsenal with just months remaining on his contact.