It’s fair to say the Coronavirus outbreak is putting a tremendous financial strain on plenty of sectors, football included.

Many clubs around the world have already cut costs, with some even seeing players cutting wages and other such measures.

That’s why any bit of money they can get from somewhere will be much welcomed. For Argentine side Independiente, their thanks will be going to Arsenal.

Clarin explain that the Superliga club have received €500,000 from the Gunners in payment of a bonus for goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez.

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As you may remember, Arsenal owed the club the money after Martínez made ten first-team appearances and had already dodged paying in November by claiming the Europa League didn’t count.

Independiente didn’t give up, though, and came back earlier this month with another request for the money, which has now been paid.

It’s come at a great time too, with Clarin describing it as a ‘relief for their cash flow’, as the club need to pay several debts and try to cover wages and such amid this COVID-19 crisis.

For Arsenal, it was probably an expense they could have done without, although given they’ve already dodged it once and then taken a month to pay anyway, one they were probably prepared for.