For well over a year the Catalan media have been reporting Barcelona want to sell Andre Gomes.

Some times it’s pushed more than others and there’s even been a scattering of articles last summer that the club weren’t keen on an exit, but for the past few weeks the desire has been pushed strongly.

Gomes is on the exit ramp and now it’s just a case of finding someone to take him.

Tottenham have been linked repeatedly, largely because there was once a few stories suggesting a move and it’s been habitual since. Wolves have been brought in because of the Jorge Mendes connections (Gomes is represented by Gestifute) but that doesn’t seem a strong track either right now.

So the Catalan media are happy The Independent this week threw Arsenal’s hat into the ring, if only because it freshens the rumour up a little. But, so far, Arsenal haven’t yet shown they’ll ‘take the step’ and make an actual effort to sign Gomes.

There has been no offer from Arsenal and there’s ‘no news’ on Gomes.

Barca would be happy to sell for an offer which comes close to €35m, so there’s every chance someone could get the midfielder for €30m or less, maybe €5m less if bonuses are then added on.

Over to you, Arsenal.