Earlier on Wednesday, we did our best to correct some of the quotes circulating about Arsenal and their reported monitoring of Ianis Stoica.

The young forward, currently enjoying life at FCSB in Romania, is reportedly a target for the Gunners, but quotes from Gigi Becali had been mistranslated, because he had never confirmed any interest from the Premier League side.

Instead, he made it clear he didn’t know anything about the situation, but that his starlet wasn’t for sale for the time being, which should have put the story to bed.

However, whenever a Premier League side is interested in a player in Romania, it’s normally big news, meaning that when MM Stoica (not related to the player), FCSB’s sporting director, was interviewed by Telekom Sport, they had to ask him about it.

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Bringing up a screenshot of an English outlet, they wondered if Arsenal had indeed reached out, but the club chief dismissed that entirely.

He said: “In order for Arsenal to be interested, Arsenal must send an email, a fax, something… What appears, what is written, I can’t comment on these. We have nothing, we have [received] no interest from Arsenal”.

So there you have it.

If the Gunners are indeed looking at Stoica, they are doing so from afar and have not made their interest in the player known to his club.