Despite not being on the best of terms with Lyon regarding a few stories published in recent weeks, Le Progrès keep doing their job of trying to inform the local population of what is going on at the Ligue 1 club.

Last year’s runners up recently published a statement making it clear Arsenal had yet to make another bid since an original €35m offer for Alexandre Lacazette, but the rumours never really went away.

The French player is apparently high on Arsène Wenger’s list of potential striker signings, and stories keep getting published about a potential second bid in the coming days.

However, Le Progrès on Thursday have a small article about these claims, stating that Lyon themselves have told them these stories are ‘totally unfounded’.

The local French newspaper say all these rumours are ‘getting a bit tiresome’; a rich statement considering they were the ones at the centre of it by reporting Arsenal had made a second €48m bid.