There is a big worry at Juventus these days that Paulo Dybala will not be renewing his contract with the Serie A side.

There was hope the deal would already be signed by now, but pen has yet to be put to paper, leaving the Italians worrying about their star’s future, since he is now free to speak to clubs about a fee-less move in the summer, with clubs like Tottenham thinking about it.

Corriere della Sera bring their latest information to the table on Friday and explain ‘there was handshake between the two parties (Dybala and Juventus) at the beginning of October, but nothing has been signed’.

It’s made clear that, for now, the Argentine has ‘no second thoughts’ about continuing in Turin, but that could change ‘if Juve lowball him’, leading to his pride being hurt and to ‘interest from other teams’.

So far, ‘none have shown up at certain figures’, but that scenario ‘can change’, with both Beppe Marotta’s Inter and ‘Antonio Conte’s Tottenham’ circling.

The pair are said to be ‘in love with Dybala’ and are ‘ready to do a rudeness’ to Juventus, alongside other teams, such as Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, all ‘waiting to understand what happens’ going forward.

Juventus, via their CEO Maurizio Arrivabene, have made it clear they will sit down with players again in February regarding their contract to give them ‘time to evaluate’ their situation.

In the meantime, ‘faced with intermittent performances’, Corriere della Sera do question if ‘it is legitimate to wonder if Paulo is up to the requested wage increase’ and ‘if Juventus want to rebuild the rebirth around him’.

There is now ‘a month for replies and to understand if it is true love’, like the one Antonio Conte, Tottenham’s manager, appears to have for him.

Basically, be sure that if this falls through and Dybala decides to try his luck elsewhere, the Spurs man will be pushing hard to work with him next season.