São Paulo have now given an official stance on the rumours about Casemiro.

It’s recently been said that with the midfielder’s ups and downs at Manchester United, he could choose to go back home and return to the Brazilian side in the near future.

Now as São Paulo president Julio Casares was interviewed by Metropoles, he was asked about the rumour and completely dismissed it.

“In Casemiro’s case, there is nothing. He’s a great player who was trained here, an extraordinary guy, a leader, a good player, but there’s nothing.

“It’s clear that Casemiro is a great player, but there’s absolutely nothing there. São Paulo also has a rigour of the size of the investments we make, and of course we will always look at possibilities, look at situations, but within a financial responsibility and budget. For now, the answer is no. There are no talks.”

São Paulo recently signed Lucas Moura, who was leaving Tottenham Hotspur as a free agent. The club official explained that was a completely different scenario, and taking Casemiro from Manchester United would be much harder.

“Lucas didn’t arrive overnight. We talked to him when he was on holiday in Brazil. When I went to Europe I had the opportunity to meet him twice, his agents and his family. And then it happened that Lucas came in a short period of three months, he was a champion, he came back to cheer on his favourite team and we came back to cheer on him, and we started working on continuity.”

This week, journalist Jorge Nicola had already claimed that São Paulo wouldn’t have the conditions to get Casemiro, as he has a very high salary at Manchester United and other clubs could also give him a good contract.

The former Real Madrid star still has a contract with the Red Devils until 2026, with an option for an extra year. Without great form and with so many changes expected at Old Trafford this summer, it’s unclear whether he’ll stay for that long.