Following the end of the transfer window, it’s obvious that Monchi would have a chat with the Spanish press about Sevilla’s recent moves in the market.

One of them was the signing of Bryan Gil, who joined the Nervion side on a loan from Tottenham Hotspur until the end of the season.

It was in 2021 that the winger had left Sevilla for Spurs on a €25m deal, so by getting him for free now, that’s seen as a great move by the Spanish side.

That’s why Monchi was proud of making that signing, and now told local journalists about how they’d been trying to sign Gil from Tottenham for months now.

“The first conversations come at the beginning of December, he was always an objective,” Monchi told the Spanish journalists (via Estadio Deportivo).

“The coach was looking for that profile, as with Lucas, he is another who arrives and knows all the people at the club, beyond their quality. The only determining factor was that they had three injured players there, they wanted a substitute, until Danjuma arrived he couldn’t leave. He gave me that chance but we had the salary limit, so there’s no more history, we weren’t going to make any more signings.”

Bryan Gil only had 311 minutes played for Tottenham this season, in 11 appearances, and that’s why Antonio Conte didn’t mind sending him to have more time on the pitch somewhere else.

The winger still has a contract with Spurs running until 2026, though, so it’s very possible that we’ll see more rumours surrounding him next summer, especially if he doesn’t do well at Sevilla.