It probably goes without saying that Alisson’s goal against West Brom at the weekend was watched all over the world. And it obviously got some special attention in Brazil, where ESPN was broadcasting the game.

Commentator Paulo Andrade did a great job once again, and after seeing the video, the Liverpool goalkeeper sent him a message saying ‘goal with the soul, commentary with the soul’.

Following that, ESPN Brasil managed have both Alisson and Paulo Andrade to talk about it. The goalkeeper had a lot to say about how special the goal was for him, and praised the journalist for the emotional commentary.

“Man, there’s no way to explain it in words. I think the commentary said it very well. This commentary touched me a lot. He managed to fully express the feeling, both in his voice, with everything, what this goal meant,” Alisson told ESPN Brasil.

“So much for me, at this very difficult time in my life, in the life of my family. And being able to dedicate a goal to my father. I wish he had seen it in person. I don’t know if he’s seeing or if he’s not. I believe he’s next to God.

“And if he saw that, he certainly celebrated a lot. And I dedicate this moment to him and my family. My mom is being very strong. I am far from my family, so I’m crazy to hug her, so crazy hug my brother. And to be able to feel their love and also, at this moment, and give them love too.”

Paulo Andrade said his ‘technique wasn’t the best’, but tried to show how emotional things were, and is glad that the commentary was approved by Alisson.

“It’s impossible for anyone to root against Alisson, for everything he is on and off the pitch. So it was possible to unite there… technically the commentary was terrible, because there was no voice, it was a limitless screaming. Since a head goal is so peculiar, so extraordinary for a goalkeeper, from time to time I think the commentator can also allow himself to do a different commentary, like this. Commentating with soul, with heart, leaving voice, leaving technique aside. It’s a good thing that Alisson liked it. If Alisson liked it, if he thinks it reflected a little of what he was feeling, then it’s 100%, I win the week, I win the month, I win a little more life as a commentator.”

Alisson then claimed that the commentary translated what happened on the pitch.

“It reflected very well, Paulo, for sure. Technique is sometimes not everything. It is the moment, it is the feeling, you put it all on. I’m like this on the pitch, I deliver myself entirely there.”