Once a defender at Tottenham Hotspur, Ramon Vega was today interviewed by website Milan News, having a long chat about the Rossoneri’s transfer window.

One of the main subjects in the conversation was the Serie A side’s failure in signing Sven Botman from Lille.

Following a long time of pursuit, the player is now about to move to the Premier League, leaving a big frustration in the Italian media.

So with Milan News now accepting that their chances of signing Botman are gone, they started wondering about other players who could be signed in his place, and one of them is Tottenham Hotspur defender Davinson Sanchez.

They first asked Vega who the Rossoneri should go after, and he pointed out that England may not be the best place to find a player.

“There are a lot of good defenders out there, even in Serie A. The only problem is that if you go and catch a player in the Premier League, you pay a lot. Milan should continue to fish in France,” Vega told Milan News.

Still, Milan News brought Sanchez’s name forward, claiming the player ‘is leaving’ Tottenham, and they asked Vega if it would be a ‘good idea’ for Milan to go and get him.

“Nice idea. Davinson Sanchez in Italy could do very well. He’d have no problems adapting and is made for the mentality of Italian football, where perhaps he could do better than in the Premier. Physically he’s strong, at Milan I say: aim for him.”