Portuguese newspaper O Jogo report on Sunday that an agreement in principle has been reached for Sebastien Coates to move permanently from Sunderland to Sporting.

Sporting have an option to buy Coates from Sunderland as part of the loan deal, but nothing has been certain on a transfer.

That’s because Coates gets a say in it too, and his good performances for Sporting will no doubt have caught the attention of other clubs, which is why the Portuguese club are working to get things done.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 16.57.39Coates has agreed to stay at Sporting, but the details haven’t yet been defined. Sporting would like the Sunderland owned player to move to them permanently on a five year contract, and there’s hope it could all be sorted out by the turn of the year.

The player’s wage level is still to be determined and whilst Sporting will want to reward the player for good performances, they may not be able to match his Sunderland wages, and that’s where there could lie a little trouble ahead.