A few days ago, a rather surprising story came out claiming that Jorge Mendes was going to offer Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester City.

Not only that, but Sheikh Mansour was allegedly thinking about it, clearly aware that Paris Saint-Germain now have Lionel Messi and the Qatar World Cup is right around the corner.

Well, Corriere dello Sport, who pushed the story in the first place, are back at it on Thursday, claiming today is the day Mendes will come forward with the Portuguese star’s name on a plate.

They explain the agent ‘will meet’ Manchester City today ‘to propose again the opportunity to buy’ Ronaldo, because ‘Mendes does not give up’ because there is also ‘the possibility of transferring Joao Cancelo to Bayern Munich’, which will ‘be an opportunity to try again to whet Mansour’s imagination’.

Despite everything going against the deal, like the attempts to buy Harry Kane, the player’s history with Manchester United and his ‘controversial relationship with Pep Guardiola’, the representative ‘is working to find a solution to Ronaldo’s desire to change sides’.

Until the end of the transfer window, the Juventus star ‘will be waiting for a positive signal from Jorge Mendes to turn the page now and not in a year’.

It’s a tough ask, especially as he earns €31m/year in wages, but if any club in England are capable of paying a player that much, it’s Manchester City.