Federico Fazio, remember him? Well it seems many don’t. The player’s father, also his agent, spoke to the Seville media last week and it’s not yet made its way to English shores.

What with Brexit, Euro 2016, and the Iceland shambles, Fazio has found himself well and truly down the list. Still a Tottenham player, and contracted to be so for the next two seasons, the Argentine defender can’t be ignored by Spurs.

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A loan return to Sevilla last season can probably be classed as disastrous, but his dad thinks otherwise. To the clear surprise of ABC Sevilla, France Fazio explained: “The conclusions are positive… As a parent I see beyond the football theme.

“It would have been better to play more, but there are variables that the player does not handle. All you can do is train hard.”

Fazio is a 29 year old professional footballer, he really needs moves to work out in a football sense. On that note, ABC Sevilla say Fazio will enforce the two years he has on his Tottenham contract, but his father added they have offers from ‘several countries’ should an exit be chosen.