The agent of the Manchester City defender Nicola Otamendi has revealed that Real Madrid are interested in signing his client.

His quotes are published in today’s edition of Mundo Deportivo, as the representative spoke to Radio Continental this weekend.

Martín Sendoa claimed the reason why Madrid would be interested in the player is because Pepe is seeing his contract expiring at the end of the season, and they’ve been keeping an eye on the Argentine player for a while.

Capturar“Nico has a profile similar to Pepe’s, who’d leave at the end of the season. Madrid have followed him since his time at Valencia, just like Barça, but it didn’t go any further”, said Sendoa. “Nico is happy at City, but who wouldn’t like to play at Real Madrid, the biggest club in the world?”

In case you’re thinking ‘isn’t Otamendi’s agent Jorge Mendes?’, he is as well. Difference is that Sendoa actually works with the player since his time in South America, while Jorge Mendes, as he frequently does to many of his clients, only helps the primary agent to find major deals.

With a contract until 2020, Otamendi isn’t exactly a unanimity at Manchester City. The inconsistency of their defence is one of the teams’ weak spots, no wonder why centre-backs are constantly linked to the club. Maybe a transfer to Real Madrid wouldn’t be a bad deal for Pep Guardiola to make some cash.