It’s quite possible Steven Gerrard or someone else at Rangers has had a word with those representing Borna Barisic, because their messages to the Italian media have changed a little.

Throughout the January transfer window, it was clear people around the Rangers player were trying to drum up interest from Serie A clubs.

Not long after the winter market closed it all started again, and Barisic was being marketed to an Italian audience.

Those representing the fullback spoke publicly about an impending summer transfer, and at the same time clubs were offered his services.

However, it’s fair to say some of the media closest to those Serie A sides made it clear Barisic wasn’t a major option, just someone they’d been offered and could fall back on if other targets failed to be signed this summer.

CalcioNapoli24 have contacted Ives Cakarun, Barisic’s agent, to ask what the transfer situation is right now around the player. He told them: “Napoli? Borna is concentrating only on the Rangers path until next summer.”