On Tuesday, we covered a story regarding Jean-Michael Seri and his agent’s efforts to get him out of Fulham.

The player’s representative admitted having held a chat with Roma a couple of weeks ago, even praising the Serie A club, perhaps in a bid to sweet talk them into saving his client from Craven Cottage.

Well, if both Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport are to be believed on Wednesday, that is a transfer that will not happen.

Perhaps briefed by the club or simply told by their sources the same thing, the two newspapers are quite categorical about the affair: the former state that ‘for now, the track is closed’ while the latter simply say the idea has been denied, as the agent has already been told Roma aren’t interested.

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At the end of the day, Seri’s representative is just doing his job, which is, at this moment in time, finding his client a new landing spot after a rather difficult year at Fulham.

It’s just, at the rate this is going, it could end up being a long summer for all involved.

As for the player in all this, he remains at the Africa Cup of Nations where the Ivory Coast will face Algeria in the quarter finals on Thursday.