On Tuesday, Manchester City confirmed they have formally started the process to withdraw from the European Super League, 48 hours after their inclusion in the breakaway league was confirmed.

Earlier that day, before the Citizens’ withdrawal was made official, Pep Guardiola spoke to the reporters for his pre-match press conference for the Aston Villa clash.

The former Barcelona manager made his feelings clear regarding his side’s involvement in the ESL.

“It is not a sport where the relation between effort and success does not exist. It is not a sport where success is already guaranteed, it is not a sport where it doesn’t matter when you lose,” he said.

Journalist Albert Montagut, writing in his column for Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, was critical of Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez, suggesting ‘everything and everyone’ were against the Los Blancos supremo.

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At the end of his column, he also gave his take on the comments made by the Etihad club’s manager.

Montagut was critical of Guardiola, primarily due to the amount of money the Manchester based club invested since their City Football Group took over the English club.

“One of the voices that cried out against this system was Pep Guardiola. He said something like “it is not sport when there is no relationship between effort and reward.” The words keep sounding a bit delusional,” Montagut said.

“City are a club that has spent hundreds of millions of pounds to reach the biggest titles and its owners have been accused of breaching the Financial Fair Play.”

Basically, Montagut seems unimpressed with how City have achieved their success in the last decade or so.