Carlos Queiroz was Sir Alex Ferguson’s assistant manager between 2004 and 2008, a period of success during which Manchester United won two Premier Leagues and one Champions League.

He had to leave the job due to a call from the Portuguese national team, who invited him to take a role as their manager.

Now as the boss of Iran, Carlos Queiroz has been involved in some controversies lately, and chose to respond to the press in the same way as his compatriot José Mourinho.

The Iranian media has been saying that he’s protesting for not receiving the contract extension he was promised for after the World Cup. The manager got pretty mad at these accusations, and on a Facebook post, has asked for ‘respect’, just like the Manchester United boss.

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For newspaper Record, Queiroz is ‘imitating’ Mourinho.

“It is the convenient truth that matters for some, not the respect and interest for real truth”, he wrote. “It is unbelievable that a pathetic speculation can become global, without even being confirmed. Protest? Silence? The news circulating about my conduct as a football professional is simply unacceptable. Here it is my protest; ensuring the training and preparation of this team, even without having a contract signed, even without knowing if I can stay in Iran, even without knowing if the Federation will have resources for the proper Asian Cup preparation. Here is my silence; assuming the difficult moment and the need for calm to solve it, due to all the economic and social problems that Iran is going through today. You’re right Jose. Respect.”

Maybe Queiroz could give up his Iran troubles and lend Mourinho a hand at Manchester United.