Santiago Solari is not Isco’s biggest fan.

For whatever reason, and it’s not too hard to believe there are valid ones, Real Madrid’s manager isn’t giving the Spanish international much playing time.

At the weekend in the Copa del Rey, he only got on for 19 minutes as Madrid beat Leganes 2-0, and the Spanish media have been presenting a Solari versus Isco war.

It didn’t help that the footballer last week ‘liked’ a tweet criticising his manager, these things aren’t done by accident and Isco has pushed his luck too many times.

Marca have a very strong column on Monday, telling the player he needs to change those who represent him to the media because if he’s trying to take on Real Madrid then it’s going to end badly.

Journalist Juanma Rodriguez points to the example of Iker Casillas and Jose Mourinho and says those backing Isco in the media, trying to create an anti-Solari narrative, are harming the player.

Such is the situation, it’s stated: “Run away from them, Francisco, run, jump, or you’ll end your days playing at Bournemouth. They do not want what’s good for you, they work for themselves.”

Isco to Bournemouth may be slightly extreme, but Rodriguez has a good point. The problem is that Isco seems to prefer those around him massaging his ego and sending blame elsewhere, rather than telling him some uncomfortable truths.