Following Virgil van Dijk’s injury, we’ve seen several stories about Liverpool’s plans to find a substitute, as the Reds could use the next transfer market to sign a new centre-back.

But thing is that they can’t do a lot until January, and that’s why Jurgen Klopp must find a solution inside the squad for now.

Brazilian midfielder Fabinho has been this quick fix so far. He had already played against Chelsea in central defence, and replaced the Dutchman in the game against Sheffield United at the weekend.

He’s expected to do the same in the Champions League clash against Midtjylland tonight, and some of his teammates have a big trust in him doing the job properly.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson spoke to Esporte Interativo before the match, and revealed that he’s even been joking about Fabinho becoming a centre-back permanently.

“In the game against Chelsea, after his fantastic performance, I told him ‘you’ll become a defender, you’ll become a defender’, I joked with him. ‘If you play well in the back, you’ll become a defender”, Alisson told Esporte Interativo.

“Now it happened because he needed to be playing there. And Fabinho is a versatile player, he can play as a fullback, midfielder, defender. Perhaps you give him the gloves, he’ll do well in the goal too. He’s an ace. The way of moving is different for him. But the good thing is that he runs less, and he sees the game from a better perspective, always the game to the front. Usually he gets the ball on his back so he can make the turn, now he can get a better view. And he’s a guy who also adapts to any position and has helped us a lot.”

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Asked if he believes Fabinho has the right qualities to switch positions for good, Alisson says he believes in it.

“Quality he has, everyone can see it. His preference is obviously being a midfielder. But when it’s necessary, when it’s needed, he’s always ready. He’s a player who’s not selfish at all. He wants the good of the team, he wants to be involved. So for sure, needing him in defence, just call him.”