Following the invasion of the Camp Nou by Eintracht Frankfurt fans during their last Europa League game, West Ham United made it clear they wouldn’t allow this to happen at London Stadium.

The German side have been allocated a number of seats, and while there will likely be some attempts from a few more to sneak into other areas of the stadium, the Hammers have made it clear they will do their utmost to prevent them from doing so.

This has angered many at the club itself, including the club’s president, Peter Fischer, who replied to the announcement from West Ham.

Relayed by Westfälische Nachrichten, he said: “This is the worst rubbish. I’m ashamed of football that we’re already being threatened today.”

He then quoted the statement from West Ham, which essentially said that anyone caught from Eintracht who isn’t where they should be would be kicked out.

Then again, it seems entirely fair for the London side to want as many home fans as possible in an important European fixture, so why Fischer is seemingly throwing a tantrum about it all is a bit of a mystery.

Yes, everything that happened at Camp Nou certainly was memorable, but having revealed their hand early for that game, which undoubtedly helped them qualify by creating a great atmosphere in Spain, they cannot expect other teams to be as naive as Barcelona and allow more away fans in than originally planned because it makes for good headlines.