Ever Banega to Arsenal is a transfer rumour which refuses to die.

In the summer there were claims that his agent had visited London for Gunners talks, that Unai Emery really wanted him, but the player’s family really didn’t want to leave the Spanish city.

Over the past few days there’s been claims that his agent has visited London for Gunners talks, that Unai Emery really wants him, but the player’s family really don’t want to leave the Spanish city.

Yes, it’s almost exactly the same.

On December 28th, we covered claims from Spain that Banega’s agent had visited London. There was nothing to suggest it was specifically for Arsenal talks, but the assumption was made by some.

Those Spanish claims were then twisted a bit in England, to read that Banega’s agent was absolutely in the city for Arsenal talks.

Sevilla’s local media weren’t all too concerned, saying the player’s family are so settled that a transfer seems unlikely.

Today, Sevilla’s local sport newspaper, Estadio Deportivo, has two articles on the story.

Firstly they reported the player’s will to stay in Seville is ‘almost non-negotiable’ after he wasn’t happy in Milan, but Arsenal’s ‘economic power’ is referenced as a worry, in terms of wages, along with claims from England which seem to be driving things.

The second story is just some fretting that Aaron Ramsey’s situation could see a move made for the Argentine midfielder, although it’s once again stated Sevilla believe Banega will be ‘true to his word’ and continue at the club.

If the original claims hadn’t been blown up so much in England then it’s doubtful this would still be getting Spanish coverage.

The 30 year old hasn’t had a new contract since he returned from Inter Milan in July 2017, and has a €20m buyout clause. He’ll be 32 years of age when the deal ends in 2020, and an extension with a higher clause may be the way forward, if he’s as happy in Seville as is insisted.