SC Bastia went into liquidation in 2017 and the club was then taken over by an amateur group, and relegated to the relevant French league.

The Corsican side had been struggling for some time but there had been a determination on the island that professional football would remain and a solution would be found.

Well known for fervent supporters, who actually have a record of going over the top and behaving badly, the club couldn’t find a way forward and the debts simply piled up until the whole thing burst.

Thursday’s edition of L’Equipe lists those owed money, and Wolverhampton Wanderers are among them.

The Premier League club are due the amount of €325,918.

That’s for the loan of Prince Oniangué for the second half of the 2016/17 season. It’s not clear if the money relates to loan fee, wages or a combination of both.

Given the other preferred creditors, including Government institutions, it’s very unlikely Wolves will get their money.

But they’re not coming out of this the worst, relatively anyway. L’Equipe explain there’s plenty of small businesses impacted. ‘Jean-Baptiste Narelli and his son Jacques are plumbers’ explains the French newspaper, as they go on to say Bastia owed the pair €41,955… which they’ll never get.