This weekend, Portuguese newspaper O Jogo managed to get an interview with Wolverhampton winger Hélder Costa.

The player spoke generally about his situation, commenting on the adaptation to England and the positive sides of playing in the Championship.

Asked about how has it been to be learning a fourth language, he said: “I already speak Spanish, a bit of French, because I’ve had classes, and now I’m learning English. Me and my Portuguese mates, Ivan (Cavaleiro), João (Teixeira) and Sílvio.

“It seems to be an easier language. We’re learning and soon we’ll be able to speak fluently. The club provides a teacher, who gives us lessons twice a week.”

Since he has already been loaned to Spain, France and England, he was questioned about what’s the most exciting country to play in. He answered: “England is clearly more exciting, people really see it in a different way.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 17.12.06“We play a second league, but the stadiums are always crowded, with 25-30 thousand people, or more, as it happens at Newcastle.”

The 22-year-old also revealed what Portuguese players do in a city like Wolverhampton when they’re not working: “We normally leave the training sessions and go home.

“We watch a few TV series, play PlayStation… football, of course. Mostly FIFA. Who’s the best? Ivan (Cavaleiro) is now better than me (laughs). Or we go for walk in Birmingham, which is the closest city and has interesting things for us to visit.”

The Portuguese group at Wolves certainly sound like they’ve settled in very well indeed, and are happy to have made the move.