Wolverhampton Wanderers star Raul Jimenez has given a pretty interesting interview to Marca on Thursday.

Although most Premier League players have only been talking about the Coronavirus lockdown and a possible end of the season, the striker had more to say on how good his career has been so far.

The headline used by Marca is taken from Jimenez saying Wolves paid €40m for him because he’s worth the money.

“I don’t know who sets the prices, but if someone paid that money for me it is because I am worth it, and if they want to continue paying more for me it’s because I’m worth it and I’m doing things well to be worth it,” Jimenez told Marca.

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Jimenez has also been asked about an offer from China which he turned down before moving to the English side. He’s even revealed how much was put on the table, and claims it wouldn’t make sense for him to accept it.

“I think it was €8m a year or something, and free (presumably of tax). You think about it, whether you like it or not, it makes you think about it, but both at that time and now my dream has been to succeed here in high competition football. The decision I made to stay at Benfica, the decision I made to come to the Wolves, despite being a newly promoted team, that all people would think we would be fighting against relegation, we had a very good campaign and we got into the Europa League.”

Regarding several comments in the Mexican media saying Jimenez deserves to be at a bigger club, the striker claims he’s already in a place where he can fight for great things.

“I see a lot of people talking and saying that ‘he’s for a Top 6 team’. Right now we are in fifth place and we are not behind anything of those teams. I mean, apart from Liverpool who are way above this season, I think we are fighting as equals with everyone else: We beat City twice, we beat Tottenham once, we tied with United. They bought me for €40m, they won’t sell me for less. There is no release clause, but the clubs here, it is different how they are managed.”

Regarding being currently called the best Mexican footballer, Jimenez has been humble about it: “I don’t know, I cannot classify that myself. That is said and I’m very happy because they take me into account as the best Mexican of the moment.”