Wolverhampton Wanderers striker Raúl Jiménez could miss the rest of the season and the summer with Mexico if he is not medically discharged at the beginning of May.

That’s according to journalist Fernando Cevallos, who says the month will be ‘key’ to the player’s return from a fractured skull.

Jiménez has been absent since suffering the injury in a collision with Arsenal defender David Luiz back in November.

He’s been slowly and steadily making his way back since that point, with Wolves taking a cautious approach to his return given the nature of his injury.

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There is hope that he can return before the end of the season, but that will only happen if it is deemed safe for the Mexican to do so.

Cevallos picks up on that today and states May is the ‘key’ month for a decision, with both Wolves and Mexico insisting that if Jiménez is not ‘medically cleared’ by the beginning of that month, he will not play again this season.

Their belief is that the ‘most important thing’ is for both of them is that Jiménez recovers as quickly as possible and so bringing him back into the fold too early is out of the question.

Thus, they want him medically cleared and declared fit beforehand; otherwise, he will miss the remainder of the Premier League season and will not play for Mexico in the summer either.