Earlier on Thursday we brought claims from Marca that Wolves are on the verge of signing Jesús Vallejo from Real Madrid.

The 22 year old central defender would be moving to the Premier League club on loan for a season, with there being no buying option in the agreement.

AS, the other Madrid based sports newspaper, now backs it up but gives a slightly different take.

Marca had suggested Vallejo could renew his contract, which runs until June 2021, with Real Madrid before leaving, and AS say that’s absolutely happening.

They put the brakes on things a little, and say that whilst the move is ‘very advanced’ it ‘can’t be taken for granted’… that’s because the whole thing is complicated.

AS explain Vallejo now has to agree a new deal with Real Madrid to extend his contract, and he’s likely going to be looking for a much better one. Then he needs to negotiate the terms he’ll be on at Wolves.

‘Lawyers are reviewing’ the documentation, which is described as ‘complex’, and the message AS seem to want to get out is that this deal isn’t quite as imminent as their rivals at Marca stated.

Despite all of that, they’re still confident it will happen and that it could be sorted out in the next few days.