Wolverhampton Wanderers left-back Jonny Otto has spoken to his home country’s media this Thursday, speaking to Radio Galega.

Website El Desmarque covered his chat with the outlet, and since the 25-year-old is from Vigo, most of the talk was about local football.

Otto had a lot to say about Celta Vigo, his former club, who have just made the signings of Denis Suarez and Santi Mina for the coming season.

The Wolves player has obviously also been asked about a possible move to the Galicia club, and it turns out that he was pretty receptive to the possibility.

“Celta’s door is always open,” Otto told Radio Galicia, also claiming that he doesn’t know if a recent attempt to sign him was true or not.

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Otto has also spoken about the youngsters from Celta Vigo and Aerosa who have just been signed by Wolverhampton.

“I heard a few weeks ago that a Celta youngster was coming and another player who was at Areosa, I hope they do well.

“They need something, here I will be. They’re away from home and it’s hard for them.”

Otto started his career at Celta, being promoted to the first team in 2013. In 2018, he moved to Atletico Madrid, where he was immediately sent to Wolves on a loan deal, which became a permanent move for €20m in January.