Ruben Vinagre has given an interview to Portuguese outlet Record, and he spoke about how happy he is at the club and even picked a couple of compatriots who Wolverhampton Wanderers should sign.

But there was a special part of the interview which deserves an article for itself, which was the stretch in which they talked about Wolves captain Conor Coady.

Journalist João Seixas took the end of the interview to make a joke saying he has ‘passion for a man’, which is Coady. He mentioned that he’s studied the defender’s fantastic numbers and is a big fan of him.

To confirm his friend’s love for the player, journalist Pedro Gonçalo Pinto has said that he once started a FIFA career with Wolves, and Seixas immediately warned him about not to sell Coady.

Ruben Vinagre had a laugh at all that, and then made sure to give as much praise as possible to the Wolves captain.

“He’s fantastic. A fantastic person. He’s a very good captain, the whole game he’s giving us information, giving us confidence. He’s really, really good. Very funny. He’s always in a good mood, he likes to laugh a lot, he’s fantastic. In terms of the game he’s what we know, puts the ball wherever he wants. He’s a very, very, very good person. I think that as a captain, we couldn’t give it to another. He’s a fantastic captain. He speaks very well, I like him very much. Tries to speak Portuguese sometimes. This almost every English players tries, even joking. He’s very good. Very cool.”

To end the interview, Vinagre was asked about the things he does to pass the time. He’s indicated TV series such as Money Heist and Dark, besides saying he plays a lot of Football Manager.