The Portuguese media is pretty upset about a 3-1 defeat against Bosnia in the U21 Euro Qualifiers, with newspaper A Bola making a big analysis of the squad on Thursday.

Their U21 team hadn’t lost a qualifying game in six years, and as they consider that the last generation left a heavy burden to be carried, it’s time to have different expectations with the current squad.

That’s why they show the few who they can still be relied upon, and Wolves’ Ruben Neves continues being one of the biggest hopes.

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When they start analysing the midfield, A Bola claims it’s where things start getting ‘complicated’, but not for the Wolves star.

Neves ‘should be kept’ for being the ‘captain and voice of experience’ of this generation, since he has 22 international games on his record and never disappointed when playing for the national team at this level.

Despite being still called a ‘portista’ by the local press, Neves is still highly rated in Portugal, and his good start for Wolves certainly helps.

Now let’s see how long it takes until he gets a chance in the Portugal first team squad.