One strange thing about Wolves and their Portuguese recruitment, which we’ve been following at Sport Witness since the start, is that they haven’t scouted clubs in the country as often as one would think.

Portuguese clubs usually release scouting lists, which show all the clubs sending spies to matches ahead of potential transfer approaches. It’s not something which tends to happen in other countries, so is often intriguing.

Wolves have hardly ever been on these lists, especially when taken relative to their signings from the country.

On Wednesday evening, things were different.

The club were on the scouting list (via Bruno Andrade) for Benfica’s match against Ajax in the Champions League. They were one of many, with most, including Manchester United, Juventus and Atletico Madrid, being regular visitors.

Of course, there’s no indication of who Wolves were watching, but given scouts are usually sent for the home team, and given the club’s transfer history, Benfica players are the obvious ones being eyed.