During AC Milan training on Friday, as part of their US tour, Patrick Cutrone was taken away from the group.

It was caught on camera by a fan, and soon enough there were claims in Italy that he was on his way back to Europe to complete a move to the Premier League, with Wolves by far the likeliest destination.

Milan News now say they’ve found out some information about the structure of the deal and what has convinced Milan to accept an offer from Wolves.

The Serie A side need money, and after failing to sell Andre Silva to AS Monaco, eyes immediately turned to Cutrone. Milan wanted €25m, and Wolves offered €18m plus a further €4m in bonuses, taking it to €22m.

That’s close enough for them. The bonuses are split into two €2m payments, and Milan News reports they’re linked to the ‘achievements of two distinct objectives’.

No further explanation is provided for what those objectives are, but it would be no surprise if half is related to what the club achieves and half to what Cutrone himself achieves.