The Portuguese media continues to bring updates on the race for Grêmio forward Pepe, and the latest news isn’t very good for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Live on TVI24 show Mais Transferências today, journalist Rui Pedro Braz claimed to have just received the information that Porto this morning made a bid of €15m for 80% of the player’s rights.

By doing that, they’re making a better offer than Wolves, who put the same amount on the table, but for 100% of Pepê’s rights. He says that had been the best bid in Grêmio’s hands.

Rui Pedro Braz doesn’t seem to know if Wolves could still improve their offer. For now, he claims that the winger is closer to Porto.

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Wolves’ interest in Pepê had already been reported by the Brazilian media at the start of the month, and then the Portuguese press picked it up. With the arrivals of Fábio Silva and Vitinha, we wonder if they’ll still making big efforts to sign attacking player in this transfer window.

Grêmio already sold Everton Cebolinha to Benfica in a €20m deal this summer, and that’s why they’ll fight harder to keep Pepê.