Earlier this week, Wolves fans took over the Mexican press after a poll made on Twitter.

They voted for Edson Alvarez as their favourite signing for the summer, and the Mexican media, who have been following the rumours, were happy to give it a boost.

Now Francoatirador, an anonymous columnist from Record, comes up today claiming that Álvarez already has a deal with a European side.

But there’s one condition so he can move in the summer: He must not get injured in the Copa Oro, which he’s currently playing in for Mexico.

“My cool Franco, his transfer is done, we’re just waiting for nothing to happen in the Copa Oro, because it was the condition,” people close to the player said.

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Francoatirador claims he would like to know the club’s name, but just like the player’s fitness, the confidentiality is also a demand so the transfer won’t collapse.

Although Wolves don’t get a mention in the column, the story uploaded to the website brings a link to that poll made by Wolves fans.

Francoatirador is the same columnist who recently explained that Álvarez has been offered to Wolves by a European intermediary.