Not everyone at Sporting is slightly (just slightly?) crazy and always on the war path. The club has some officials who have tried to water down the whole Bruno de Carvalho era and steer the ship to calmer waters.

But, there’s still a lot of backing for Bruno’s all-out-war approach to pretty much everything. Some Sporting fans blame the media for their perception of the club, blame agents for a lot of other things, and believe the president is trying to battle against all the evils in football.

It can sometimes seem a little like Stockholm Syndrome.

Elsa Judas, from the club’s board, sounds very much in the Bruno mould.

When speaking this weekend (to Sporting TV, via Record) about Rui Patricio after his failed move to Wolves and subsequent contract recision, the brilliantly named Judas said: “There are no honest, serious and good faith clubs… there are only two clubs where Rui Patricio can play.

“In Portugal, it is in Benfica, for reasons we all know, we are talking about loyalty, ethics and values ​​unknown in this institution, and abroad, Wolverhampton.”

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Wolves get a good kicking, along with Benfica, for reasons not made especially clear. The Premier League club agreed a fee with Sporting only for the deal to then collapse, they could have pressed Patricio to rescind his contract from the off, but didn’t.

Now, with unnecessary insults being thrown their way, perhaps Wolves should try and get the goalkeeper for nothing.