Once again, Wolverhampton Wanderers get a big story in an important European newspaper. This time it’s Spanish outlet Marca who has a featured piece about club midfielder Ruben Neves.

With a very creative headline which calls the player the ‘Little Riding Hood who succeeds dancing with the wolves’, Marca can’t praise the 21-year-old enough.

The article tells of Ruben Neves’ story, since his impressive records at Porto, where he was their youngest player to appear in the Champions League and to captain the club.

Marca shows that besides being the ‘anchor’ in Wolverhampton’s midfielder, he’s also been crucial in the team’s attack, as he ‘directly took part in all of their league goals’. Well, not exactly directly, as Neves has one goal and one assist. But the outlet counts even the passes he’s made to start the plays.

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On the player’s move from Porto to Wolves, who were still a Championship side at the time, Marca writes that ‘taking a step back and then taking two more forward has worked wonderfully for Neves’. They also take comments from José Mourinho praising his partnership with compatriot João Moutinho.

Transfer rumours are obviously mentioned in the story as well, taking claims from The Times which said that Liverpool, Man City and Man United are all interested in him, despite his decision not to leave Wolves this summer.

It’s now a fact that Wolves are only getting bigger in the European press, and players like Ruben Neves are a big reason for it.