Marcel Heller is one of the biggest stories in the Bundesliga right now, mainly because of how he’s getting ready for his new club.

Bild report that Heller, much wanted this summer, had a choice of several clubs when deciding to leave Darmstadt. One of those clubs is Sunderland, with the Championship club trying to persuade Heller to move outside of German football for the first time in his career.

It wasn’t possible for Sunderland, because Heller was attracted by the bright lights of the Bundesliga and an offer from FC Augsburg.

After turning down Sunderland and choosing Augsburg, Heller got ready for his move, and that included putting his rather nice sofa on ebay for €850. Also adding the sale to his Facebook page, Heller obviously wasn’t prepared for his new found fame, and was inundated with requests, eventually having to take the sofa down.

The winger is clearly keen to start anew at Augsburg, which is a 3 hour drive from Darmstadt. Perhaps the Sunderland switch would have seen him put all his possessions on ebay.