Argentine radio loves a Wilmar Barrios and Tottenham story.

In mid June it was reported Mauricio Pochettino had personally asked for the Colombian midfield and Tottenham had already come to an agreement for his signing.

At the time it was claimed Boca Juniors were set to increase the midfielder’s buyout clause from €16m to €20m, but that Tottenham had got in there first to strike a deal at the lower price.

Those figures were questioned elsewhere, with some reports explaining Spurs would have to part with €25m to complete the deal with Boca.

In mid July, the player himself spoke to the Argentine media about a potential move, and referenced Spurs and their supporters directly“I like the Premier League, it’s a top league in the world, but I only think about Boca. I have been told that the Tottenham fans want me to go, but I do not know English yet, ha.”

The same week it was reported that, actually, Everton were the side pushing ahead for the signing, not Tottenham.

Now, a Boca Juniors focused journalist has been speaking to Argentine radio and, just like the claims back in June, stated Tottenham have an agreement to sign the player.

Again, that’s said to be an agent agreement, and it’s now stated Spurs will look to pay €23m for a January deal.