When it comes to awkward situations, it’s fair to say that Willian José is very much involved in one at Real Sociedad right now.

Tottenham are keen on the striker, who is on their list of potential replacements for the injured Harry Kane, and made a bid for him last week.

The Spanish club rejected that but José, looking to force the move, decided to do a sort of mini rebellion and refuse to play.

The club elected to grant him that and the assumption was that his move to Tottenham would be wrapped up and everyone could move on.

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Except, Tottenham haven’t come back with an improved bid. It seems they haven’t even been in contact with Real Sociedad for the last five days.

As a result, everyone has been left in limbo waiting for something to happen, and José is stuck at a club where everyone is pretty annoyed at him.

It’s not great and today, Cope cover the situation and paint him very much as the criminal by covering his ‘seven sins’, aka, the things he’s done to royally annoy everyone at the club.

Sin number one was focusing on himself apparently, with Cope explaining that any player who wants to leave the club, must do so by bringing in an ‘economic repair’. The €15m Tottenham offered, therefore, was ‘disrespectful’.

Sins number two, three and four, are all actions committed by the player. First, there was his decision to post a picture of himself wearing a London sweatshirt under the caption, grateful.

Fans believe this was him saying he was on his way and was also the day he received Tottenham’s offer, although this is something he has denied in the training room.

Number three is how he ‘jumped from the ship in full battle’ by asking not to play against Espanyol in midweek, following that up with sin number four, not showing up for the next game and watching it at home instead.

Onto sin number five and this is how everything is ‘twisting’ against José at the club. He has been ‘badly advised’, but while he’s out, his teammates are performing well and showing him up in his absence.

Number six is how he has ‘angered’ manager Imanol Alguacil, who has made it clear he is very disappointed in the striker and expected better of him.

Last but not least, there is José’s decision to snap at journalists during a training session last week. He called a group of journalists ‘liars’ and ‘seriously disrespected’ them in the process, another transgression on his growing list of sins.