Arsenal winger Willian has spoken to ESPN Brasil about his first month at the club.

The 32-year-old made his debut for the Gunners last weekend, and was able to help the team with two assists in the 3-0 win over Fulham.

Willian talked about his decision to join the North London side, and said he felt like he’d been with Arsenal for some time.

“It was a wish that I had to continue in the Premier League and London. The family really likes it here,” Willian told ESPN Brasil’s João Castello Branco.

“I agree I felt like I had been playing for the team for a while. Of course, I’m still adapting to some things, but overall it was a very good debut.”

The player highlighted the way he was welcomed by his new club, saying they’ve been making his adaptation a lot easier.

“I think the confidence placed in me, the effort to bring me, the way I was received by the players and everyone at the club, it makes it easier to play football and do what I was doing at Chelsea. I’m very happy for the debut and especially for the way the team played. When you have the confidence of the coach it gets easier.”

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Regarding Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s new contract, Willian says he’s been hoping for it for a long time.

“His permanence is extremely important. I had seen some news even before signing with Arsenal. I was hoping he’d renew. A great player, one of the best today. Very good, that scores many goals. We couldn’t lose him.”

Willian also talked about Mikel Arteta, and only had compliments to make about the Spanish manager. He says he expects him to be one of the best in the world very soon.

“I was very impressed with the way he conducts the environment, the group, the meetings, strategies, how we are going to attack, instructions on what we are going to do on the pitch. He has a lot of ideas in his head. For me, he’ll be one of the best coaches in the Premier League and the world too. A top guy on and off the pitch.”

The player also says he’s having an easier adaptation due to the number of Brazilians there are in Arsenal’s squad these days.

“There’s a good chat. They are good boys. I’ve known David Luiz for a long time. Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Magalhães I got to know now. There’s Edu too. It helps everyone adapt to have many Brazilians on the team. Gabriel Magalhães doesn’t speak English, we try to help him in that sense.”