Jorginho’s return to Serie A has always been a big rumour in Italy, with several clubs being interested in signing the Chelsea midfielder.

Juventus are said to be one of the main contenders to land the 30-year-old, with the interest getting boosted by the comments made by his agent, who’s always teasing with a transfer.

There’s still one year left in Jorginho’s contract with Chelsea, and that makes it an uncomfortable situation for the club this summer, at least while he does not agree an extension.

Now according to new claims from the Italian media, the player won’t sign a new deal with the Blues. And that should allow Juventus to go after his signing this summer.

The claims are made by journalist Filippo Cornacchia, who this week had a word with CMIT TV, and was speaking about midfielder Arthur.

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“I don’t know what will happen in June, he will depend on the offer, he can leave and at that point Juventus would try to sign Jorginho, as soon as they can talk to Chelsea,” said Cornacchia.

“Jorginho has a one-year contract that he will not renew. I’s  clear that Arthur’s farewell is needed for his arrival.”

Now even though Jorginho’s agent is often speaking about the chances of a move, he also recently claimed that the priority would be to negotiate a deal with Chelsea. That means there’s a lot going on before a decision is taken, and perhaps the Italian media is getting overexcited about this possibility.