On loan from Norwich City, Christos Tzolis is having a great season in Germany.

The winger managed to prove himself in a spell at Fortuna Düsseldorf, with 24 goals and eight assists in 35 appearances for the club, and is now playing the play-offs for promotion to the Bundesliga.

That’s why a potential permanent transfer is a hot topic in the local media, and the Rheinische Post today shares a story about that.

It’s said that even though Fortuna Düsseldorf can buy Tzolis for €3.5m, the Norwich City player has a salary worth over €1m which is ‘difficult’ for them to cover. For him to stay, a pay cut will be needed.

Club chief Klaus Allofs is quoted talking about the situation, claiming they want the purchase done but making it clear it’s far from certain.

“There are of course scenarios in which it would be possible to keep him. And that’s why we want to explore everything and have a lot of discussions with Christos, his agent and also Norwich City. But so far it is completely impossible for us to reach a common denominator. We will do everything, and yet the probability is small.”

Tzolis is clearly excited with the campaign they had so far, even though the main objective is still to be achieved. The Rheinische Post shares some quotes from the player in which he talks about the upcoming play-offs.

“Every one of us is happy. If we want to become a Bundesliga team, we also have to win against a Bundesliga team. Bochum are not in really good shape but is still a strong and, above all, physically good opponents. These will be two challenging and close games. But I’m really positive about the coming days.”

With so much excitement about his season and the certainty that they want him at the club, we shall see how the negotiations with Norwich City will go.