Sometimes we just have to sit back and admire the imagination of Don Balon.

Sure, anyone can dream up claims of Gareth Bale going to a number of Premier League clubs or Mo Salah being of interest to Spain’s big two, there’s little effort required there.

But what does take some imagination and thought is linking Phil Foden to Real Madrid, saying he’s being lined up as Toni Kroos’ successor, and that Florentino Perez is the man leading the hunt.

Yep, the Spanish rumour website say Real Madrid are aware Kroos is likely to look for a new challenge over the next year or two, so the club are lining up a potential replacement.

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Already, ‘everything indicates that he would have the right man for the position’ and that’s the Manchester City youngster.

Perez is said to have ‘spoken wonders’ about the 17 year old and has ‘used his contacts in England’ to let Foden know if he continues progressing then in a few years he’ll be wearing the Real Madrid shirt.

The Real Madrid president wants to get the thought in Foden’s head so that when the time comes, he’s got an advantage over others.

And where do Don Balon say Toni Kroos could end up? Manchester City of course.