Mino Raiola gave multiple interviews to the British press last month and suggested Paul Pogba wants to continue at Manchester United, provided his client receives support from the Red Devils.

The super-agent didn’t share the same feelings when he spoke to Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Raiola criticised the Premier League club and suggested he wouldn’t want to take any of the players he manages to Old Trafford.

In the same interview, the France international’s representative also stated it was the 26-year-old who said no to Sir Alex Ferguson, which allowed Pogba to leave United and join Juventus on a free transfer in 2012.

After spending four seasons with the Serie A winners, Pogba rejoined United in 2016 and it looks like Raiola hasn’t got over Ferguson.

“I didn’t threaten anyone at Manchester United with a gun to buy back Paul Pogba. Alex Ferguson has gone straight against me and Paul, that is allowed, but where was he when his successors bought Paul back?” Raiola told Voetbal International.

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There were several reports indicating Raiola earned a hefty commission from Pogba’s deal. Responding to that, he said: “That Pogba deal always comes back, because my friends from FIFA are said to have privacy laws to influence public opinion.

“It is very strange that they are talking about my fee, but that you do not hear FIFA when Ajax gets €150m for two boys. Then it is great and Ajax has done well.”

Raiola has been nicknamed ‘Money Mino’ and various other things, and it has impacted his image in public. However, he isn’t concerned about it.

“Don’t say too much, because I actually like that image [laughs]. To be honest, I am sorry about my image. What my family, players and some friends think of me is all that interests me,” he said.

“If I may believe everything, I am the most maligned man in the Netherlands after all paedophiles. But in Italy I can hardly walk on the street.

“When I’m with my players in Italy, Spain or England, their eyes pop out. People want to take a picture with me and thank me for the players who shine at their club.

“After Matthijs [De Ligt] transfer, Juve fans sang about me. Fine. Another time I am arguing with them again. When Donnarumma didn’t want to sign with Milan, I wasn’t so loved, was I?”