Today has seen figures emerge regarding what Weston McKennie is actually asking for to leave Juventus for Aston Villa this summer.

Earlier on Wednesday, we covered claims from Gazzetta dello Sport, who reported the US international wants more than €4m per year (after tax!) to go through with his part in the Douglas Luiz mega-deal.

Aston Villa point-blank refused to pay that, and also failed to find an agreement on commissions relating to the move.

Prior to that there had been claims from the Italian media that McKennie, or at least those representing him, had also been asking for severance pay from Juventus.

Now a figure has been put to that, and TMW say they’ve been informed the amount is €2m. It’s not made clear but there’s a very good chance that is also after tax, given that’s the way they report footballer remuneration in Italy.

What happens from here is unclear, although something or someone is going to have to give for this deal to go through.

Claims about Tottenham interest were quickly dismissed.