Even though Felipe Anderson’s transfer from Lazio to West Ham is long done, there’s still some dispute going on about who’s getting part of the money.

As reported by Brazilian outlet UOL today, the midfielder’s former club Santos is having to fight in justice to receive the amount they’re due.

Santos got over €9m from Felipe Anderson’s €38m move from Lazio to the Hammers. The Brazilian side had the right to 3% for being a training club, plus 25% of Lazio’s profit with the deal.

The problem starts with the fact that Santos owe Giuliano Bertolucci, Felipe Anderson’s agent, some money. They took out a R$9.5m (£1.75m) loan with him many years ago.

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Bertolucci has reportedly sued Santos, and now the amount the club would get from the transfer got pawned by the Brazilian justice.

Santos are now working to convince all parts to block only around R$6m (£1.11m), and the rest would be paid with other resources, including ticket sales.

Why aren’t they paying the full debt now? Because they’re a Brazilian club, of course.